Energy Healing for Ukraine

Energy clearing is a powerful method of lightening negativity in our bodies and lives. These methods also work for all beings, including communities, cities and even counties. Just like with our own bodies, over time we become who we are to become, helped along by positive events. But the negative also has an impact, dimming the true light of our greatest expression.

Just as we can use shamanic methods to lighten our wounding, we can do this for Ukraine, a old soul of a country, who has struggled with abusive neighbors for years.

Here's how. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 20  Minutes. Turn off your phone and all distractions. Put on some soft music if you like.

Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place. Really let yourself feel it, smell the flowers. Feel the breeze, hear the rustling of the leaves. There may be a compassionate animal spirt near by.

In this place is a lovely restful place to sit, with a chair and a couch. You sit in the chair and take a few breaths. Imagine a
woman lying on the coach next to you. She is beautiful, but very tired. She is the spirit of Ukraine, wearing a long white dress, with a blue and yellow design. She has flowers in her hair. As you look at them, the flowers become brighter, more vibrant and even fragrant. 

You call in the elements to help you ease her distress. First you call in the spirit of the air, and say wind, please ease her tiredness. A soft wind blows in. As it lovingly caresses her, it blows away most of the dust that, you now see, was covering her dress, face and hair.

Next you invite the spirit of water. As you say,  spirit of the element water please come and clear away the suffering we see here. Soft rain descends. It is a deep blue color, and as you watch it fall into her body, little rivulets of water start to flow down to the Earth below, carrying mud with them. As they do, you can see a little glowing underneath the little streams as they flow and clear the dust covering her. 

Then you say sun, spirit of fire, shine your rays of heat to dry the water. You see the rays of sunlight and feel the heat as it descends onto Ukraine as she lies resting. The intense heat is drying the mud, causing it to crack in a crazing pattern all over her. Yes, you can definitely see light shining from beneath. It is golden and as it shines, she seems to breathe easier.

Next you invite the spirit of earth to do a final clearing. You say, spirit if earth please remove the remainder of pain and negative experience causing harm, bringing back her power, strength and confidence. The earth shakes now, and you feel it where you sit and watch as whole clods of abuse and victim mentality fall off of Ukraine’s  body, face and and hair.

Beneath is the true spirit of this beautiful country shining  through. Released from manipulation and fear. Unfrozen.

 You now thank the elements of air, water, fire, and earth for their work with Ukraine today. You also ask and allow these elemental spirits to clear you of any guilt and shame about how safe you are, living in a home not being bombed. Free, with all you need. As that clears from your own body you feel relaxed and much lighter.

 You can do this again for Ukraine, you can also use this shamanic process for yourself to clear away the debris of daily life  or of sadness or wounding of your own.

Thank you for your interest and caring and for your energy to help Ukraine. I hope this is helpful for you.

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