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To Really Move Forward, Go Deep!

Whenever you can't seem to get any traction, or an issue feels unshakable with all your great energy, resources and effort, that shows me that the root of the problem is not here. It's buried where the usual approaches haven't a prayer of finding it. How can you uproot a problem if you can't reach the root? That's where a deep rich modality like shamanism comes in. We can travel together into your past, your ancestry, even into your past lives, find the root of the issue and release it from there. Yup. Doable. Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality on the planet, dating back, some say, 45,000 years. It's a system of direct revelation where a skilled guide can ask to be shown the hidden source of a problem, see the solution and take you with her into non-physical reality to find/experience and resolve the issue. Its safe, interesting and fun, and, for many, very powerful. Let's say your love has turned away. Or you can't break through to the next le