Elemental Journey for Clearing

 Elements Journey for Clearing

 Here's a beautiful way to clear your energy, connecting to and using your relationship with the natural elements. You can simply follow what I wrote below in a simple meditation.  It doesn't have to be exact, just follow the general idea. Close your eyes relax and and let it happen. To follow along with the video, find a quite place, Close the door, turn on the video, close your eyes and relax. Here's the video link:

 Imagine yourself in the desert. It's a hot day and you find yourself rising up in the air light as a feather. Rising on the thermals on the currents, higher and higher. You feel the air moving through your body releasing tension moving away worries, cares, and troubles. You feel it moving through your mind loosening outdated thinking and feelings no longer helpful for the mature, evolving person you are now. The wind blows through your heart releasing sadness fear and anger. It feels so nice to have it just gently moved out of the way by the gentle warm wind. As you rise higher and higher, you see a thunderhead up above being created also by the heat and these thermal currents. You go into the cloud where there is a lot of moisture, Cold rain moves into and through your warm body. Refreshing you and making you excited for what will be released next. Remember you are totally safe, and are enjoying this experience. You feel the water element throughout all of the levels of your being, cleansing, freeing you, refreshing you with the beautiful energy of moisture and water allowing your emotions to flow and release old tired feelings. Cleansed, purified and relaxed. You hear thunder claps and see flashes of lightning, both of those electrical and strong sound energies clearing you, snapping out any obsessions, addictions and entrenched habits by the sounds and colored flashes. You find yourself rising up above the clouds where the loving Heat of the sun almost takes your breath away,  penetrating all of the time frames, levels and dimensions of your being. As the sun penetrates, you're feeling yourself lighter, happier, all of the negative energy that have been accumulated over a lifetime being burned off and the spaces where that was,  filling with golden light. you're feeling so light and refreshed thanking the sun, thanking the clouds, and the moisture thanking the wind. You now find yourself descending so gently and easily all the way down, Plunging into the sand on the desert flow. It is easier than it would seem, and as you do you, you feel the beautiful energy of the particles of sand, members of the  Stone people, sucking out any remaining negativity, despair, hopelessness and worry from all of you. Your heart, your mind and your body. This simple process creates well being in all of your cells, fibers, fluids even your bones. As you go deeper into the Earth you feel the amazing nourishing energies of the earth itself. The wonderful grounding energies of mother Earth rising up, making you feel you feel safe, nourished, belonging to all of life. 

You find yourself gently rising backup to the surface now, where you take a moment with a few deep breaths to inhale the work that you've done. You slowly turn around,  thanking the Earth, the air, the moisture in the clouds and the sun for this beautiful work that the elementals helped you in doing today. You feel refreshed, Happy, calm and hopeful. Ready to go back to your day.

You can repeat this anytime you feel you need a boost, or a clearing. For more information on shamanic sessions, see  http://www.shamanreikimaster.com/


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