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Elemental Journey for Clearing

 Elements Journey for Clearing  Here's a beautiful way to clear your energy, connecting to and using your relationship with the natural elements. You can simply follow what I wrote below in a simple meditation.  It doesn't have to be exact, just follow the general idea. Close your eyes relax and and let it happen. To follow along with the video, find a quite place, Close the door, turn on the video, close your eyes and relax. Here's the video link: Journey with the Elements  Imagine yourself in the desert. It's a hot day and you find yourself rising up in the air light as a feather. Rising on the thermals on the currents, higher and higher. You feel the air moving through your body releasing tension moving away worries, cares, and troubles. You feel it moving through your mind loosening outdated thinking and feelings no longer helpful for the mature, evolving person you are now. The wind blows through your heart releasing sadness fear and anger. It feels so

Energy Healing for Ukraine

Energy clearing is a powerful method of lightening negativity in our bodies and lives. These methods also work for all beings, including communities, cities and even counties. Just like with our own bodies, over time we become who we are to become, helped along by positive events. But the negative also has an impact, dimming the true light of our greatest expression. Just as we can use shamanic methods to lighten our wounding, we can do this for Ukraine, a old soul of a country, who has struggled with abusive neighbors for years. Here's how. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 20  Minutes. Turn off your phone and all distractions. Put on some soft music if you like. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place. Really let yourself feel it, smell the flowers. Feel the breeze, hear the rustling of the leaves. There may be a compassionate animal spirt near by. In this place is a lovely restful place to sit, with a chair and a couch