Releasing anger or sadness when you don't know where it's from

Sometimes emotions like anger or deep sadness keep coming up in life and you can't tell where they are coming from. Your life is not that bad, but you can't seem to shake this shadow. It's confusing and unerving. Is it me, you think? What's wrong with me? Everyone thinks you are over-reacting, and too sensitive. 
With all your intelligence and resources you can seem to shift it.

This shows me that the root of the issue is not in the here and now. Nope.  You are not crazy, overly sensitive or missing something right in front of you. But you are reacting to something real that is located somewhere else.

Shamans like me are coaches skilled in guiding you right to the true source of such issues and using ancient shamanic technology to address and repair it. Yes. The problem is probably in the ancestry. 

Unprocessed trauma your grandparents many generations ago experienced and could not release is also in you. It's not such a stretch to understand. Our entire body is made of DNA. Our cells, bones, organs and skin, all of us, is composed of what our ancestors were. This also includes their life experiences, too - their fears, anger and grief, if they were not able to work it through. And sometimes that was impossible, given the conditions lived in at that time.

The good news is its reachable. It can be felt, recognized, acknowledged and released, from them and from you. Then you are no longer carrying unknown burdens, and neither are your children and family.

Take a step to get this out of your way. Make a free exploration call to understand more.

There is help, and it's easier than you think.



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